BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f14- Properly identify device-mapper partitions set up by kpartx. (#644616)Brian C. Lane4 years
f15Add btrfs min size of 256 MB. (#702603) (dlehman)Chris Lumens4 years
f16Try to fix up detection of live backing devices. (#750469) (dlehman)Brian C. Lane3 years
f17- Set serial flag when encountering console argument (#823861) (msivak)Brian C. Lane3 years
f18- Add --dirinstall command (bcl)Brian C. Lane22 months
f19- Do not preselect the environment if using kickstart packages (#978852)Brian C. Lane18 months
f20- Install bootloader to loop device in disk image installations. (#955202)Brian C. Lane11 months
f21- Really fix issue with starting in cmdline mode on s390x. (#1040933)Samantha N. Bueno12 days
f9dist-git conversionFedora Release Engineering4 years
master- Print the result to the log, not the variable name. (clumens)Brian C. Lane6 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  anaconda-14_13-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_13-1_fc14.tar.xz  Ales Kozumplik4 years  anaconda-14_12-2_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_12-2_fc14.tar.xz  dmalcolm4 years  anaconda-14_12-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_12-1_fc14.tar.xz  Ales Kozumplik4 years  anaconda-14_11-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_11-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens4 years  anaconda-14_10-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_10-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens4 years  anaconda-14_9-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_9-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens4 years  anaconda-14_8-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_8-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens5 years  anaconda-14_7-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_7-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens5 years  anaconda-14_6-1_fc14.tar.gz  anaconda-14_6-1_fc14.tar.xz  Christopher Edward Lumens5 years  anaconda-13_42-1_fc13.tar.gz  anaconda-13_42-1_fc13.tar.xz  David Lehman5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hours- Print the result to the log, not the variable name. (clumens)HEADmasterBrian C. Lane3-5/+73
2014-12-05- add code so that initramfs created for rescue kernel (#1170589) (gczarcinski)Brian C. Lane3-2/+24
2014-11-22- Skip tui askvnc reboot for dirinstall (#1164254) (bcl)Brian C. Lane3-4/+51
2014-11-05- Remove gui, install, and ostree tests from TESTS. (clumens)Brian C. Lane3-6/+49
2014-10-22- When I renamed the date & time spoke, I missed one string. (clumens)Brian C. Lane3-3/+72
2014-10-09- Add a test case for if all anaconda's Requires exist. (clumens)Brian C. Lane3-607/+34
2014-10-01- Fix Welcome spoke not showing up during kickstart installation (#1147943)Brian C. Lane3-4/+58
2014-09-20- Don't call storage.write for dirinstall (#1120206) (bcl)Brian C. Lane3-4/+116
2014-08-28- jwb would like us to be clear that bugs could be the system firmware... (p...Brian C. Lane3-4/+32
2014-08-15- Add some tests for execReadlines (dshea)Brian C. Lane3-6/+39