BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f14Register all available PythonGDB commands (BZ 752095).Jan Kratochvil4 years
f15Update "set auto-load" patchset and the --with-auto-load-safe-path setting.Jan Kratochvil3 years
f16Update "set auto-load" patchset and the --with-auto-load-safe-path setting.Jan Kratochvil3 years
f17Fix internal error on finish with inlined frame (BZ 894678).Jan Kratochvil2 years
f18- Fix the case when GDB leaks memory because value_struct_elt does not callSergio Durigan Junior21 months
f19Fix crash of -readnow /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/gnatbind.debug (BZ 1069211).Jan Kratochvil16 months
f20Fix 'Unowned dir /usr/include/gdb/' (RH BZ 1164991).Sergio Durigan Junior7 months
f21Fix 'info type-printers' Python error (Clem Dickey, RH BZ 1085576).Jan Kratochvil7 days
f22Fix 'info type-printers' Python error (Clem Dickey, RH BZ 1085576).Jan Kratochvil7 days
master[RHEL] Use Python2, disable Guile.Jan Kratochvil27 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-6_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-6_fc14.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  gdb-7_1-30_fc13.tar.gz  gdb-7_1-30_fc13.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-5_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-5_fc14.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-4_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-4_fc14.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-3_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-3_fc14.tar.xz  dmalcolm5 years  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-2_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-2_fc14.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-1_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1_90_20100721-1_fc14.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_0_1-49_fc12.tar.gz  gdb-7_0_1-49_fc12.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1-29_fc13.tar.gz  gdb-7_1-29_fc13.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years  gdb-7_1-29_fc14.tar.gz  gdb-7_1-29_fc14.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
27 hours[RHEL] Use Python2, disable Guile.HEADmasterJan Kratochvil2-5/+71
7 daysFix 'info type-printers' Python error (Clem Dickey, RH BZ 1085576).Jan Kratochvil2-1/+21
2015-06-16Fix enum e e 'Attempt to use a type name as an expr.' (Keith Seitz, PR 16253).Jan Kratochvil2-1/+292
2015-05-31Rebase to FSF GDB (pre-7.10 trunk snapshot).Jan Kratochvil32-2609/+1228
2015-05-15Fix ignored Requires for gdb-doc (RH BZ 1221814).Jan Kratochvil1-4/+6
2015-05-14Change 'Recommends: dnf-plugins-core' to 'dnf-command(debuginfo-install)'.Jan Kratochvil1-6/+5
2015-05-13Rebase to FSF GDB 7.9.1 (7.9 stable branch).Jan Kratochvil3-4/+15
2015-04-02Suggest s/debuginfo-install/dnf debuginfo-install/ (BZ 1208650, Omair Majid).Jan Kratochvil2-2/+12
2015-02-22Rebase to the final 7.9 release.Jan Kratochvil4-59/+9
2015-02-22Change Require->Recommends for gcc-gdb-plugin (RH BZ 1195005).Jan Kratochvil1-2/+5