BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
el6Pulled into RHEL 6.4Kevin Fenzi2 years
f15update to 1.4.20Jeremy Hinegardner3 years
f16Merge branch 'f17' into f16Robin Lee2 years
f17Update to 1.4.24 (CVE-2013-2175, #975160)Ryan O'Hara21 months
f18Update to 1.4.24 (CVE-2013-2175, #975160)Ryan O'Hara21 months
f19Update to 1.4.24 (CVE-2013-2175, #975160)Ryan O'Hara21 months
f20Rework systemd service and sysconfig fileRyan O'Hara14 hours
f21Rework systemd service and sysconfig fileRyan O'Hara14 hours
f22Rework systemd service and sysconfig fileRyan O'Hara15 hours
masterRework systemd service and sysconfig fileRyan O'Hara15 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  haproxy-1_3_25-1_fc12.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_25-1_fc12.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_3_25-1_fc13.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_25-1_fc13.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_4_8-1_el6.tar.gz  haproxy-1_4_8-1_el6.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_4_8-1_fc14.tar.gz  haproxy-1_4_8-1_fc14.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_3_25-1_el5.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_25-1_el5.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_3_25-1_el4.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_25-1_el4.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_3_23-1_fc13.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_23-1_fc13.tar.xz  jjh5 years  EL-6-split.tar.gz  EL-6-split.tar.xz  jjh5 years  EL-6-start.tar.gz  EL-6-start.tar.xz  jjh5 years  haproxy-1_3_23-1_fc11.tar.gz  haproxy-1_3_23-1_fc11.tar.xz  jjh5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 hoursRework systemd service and sysconfig fileHEADmasterRyan O'Hara3-3/+9
2015-02-11Add sysconfig file to allow for setting extra optionsRyan O'Hara3-4/+12
2015-02-10Add tcp-ut bind option to set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT (#1190783)Ryan O'Hara4-1/+209
2015-02-01Update to 1.5.11 (#1188029)Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2015-01-05Update to 1.5.10Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2014-12-01Update to 1.5.9Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2014-11-01Update to 1.5.8Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2014-10-31Update to 1.5.7Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2014-10-20Update to 1.5.6Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6
2014-10-08Update to 1.5.5Ryan O'Hara3-2/+6