BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f17Fix wrong structure in iwlwifi dvm patchJosh Boyer2 years
f18Drop drm-i915-dp-stfu.patchJosh Boyer19 months
f19Linux v3.14.34Josh Boyer4 months
f20Backport btrfs fixes queued for stable (rhbz 1217191)Josh Boyer7 weeks
f21Change tag to this build since a build never happenedLaura Abbott3 hours
f22Tag and build for CVE fixesLaura Abbott3 hours
f23Linux v4.2-rc4-53-g956325bd55bbJosh Boyer5 hours
masterLinux v4.2-rc4-53-g956325bd55bbJosh Boyer5 hours
rhbz_1205083Fix noisy iwlwifi warning (rhbz 1205083)Laura Abbott3 months
stabilizationBackport netfilter panic fix (rhbz 1015989)Josh Boyer13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hoursLinux v4.2-rc4-53-g956325bd55bbHEADmasterJosh Boyer3-49/+5
7 hoursDrop acpi_brightness_enable revert patchJosh Boyer2-44/+3
26 hoursLinux v4.2-rc4-44-g67eb890e5e13Josh Boyer2-3/+5
28 hoursReenable debugging options.Josh Boyer4-63/+66
2 daysUpdate kdbusJosh Boyer1-0/+87
2 daysCVE-2015-1333 add_key memory leak (rhbz 1244171)Josh Boyer2-1/+49
2 daysLinux v4.2-rc4Josh Boyer2-6/+6
2 daysDisable debugging options.Josh Boyer4-63/+66
5 daysLinux v4.2-rc3-136-g45b4b782e848Josh Boyer2-2/+5
5 daysRevert "Use git format-patch for git snapshots"Josh Boyer1-1/+1