BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f16Fix local privilege escalation in MSR code (rhbz 908693 908706)Josh Boyer18 months
f17Fix wrong structure in iwlwifi dvm patchJosh Boyer13 months
f18Drop drm-i915-dp-stfu.patchJosh Boyer7 months
f19Linux v3.14.15Justin M. Forbes91 min.
f20Linux v3.15.8Justin M. Forbes94 min.
f21Linux v3.16-rc7-76-g3a1122d26c62Josh Boyer11 hours
masterLinux v3.16-rc7-76-g3a1122d26c62Josh Boyer11 hours
stabilizationBackport netfilter panic fix (rhbz 1015989)Josh Boyer4 weeks
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8Added the latest label NFS codeSteve Dickson17 months
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7Merge branch 'user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7' of ssh:// Dickson17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursLinux v3.16-rc7-76-g3a1122d26c62HEADmasterJosh Boyer3-25/+27
28 hourskernel-arm64.patch: fix up merge conflict and re-enableKyle McMartin2-15/+61
32 hoursLinux v3.16-rc7-64-g26bcd8b72563Josh Boyer3-221/+7
34 hoursApply different patch from Milan Broz to fix LUKS partitions (rhbz 1115120)Josh Boyer3-77/+49
2 dayskernel-arm64.patch: update from gitKyle McMartin2-15/+1111
3 daysLinux v3.16-rc7-7-g31dab719fa50Josh Boyer5-66/+71
3 daysActually add patch. Sigh.Josh Boyer1-0/+44
3 daysMake sure acpi brightness_switch is disabled (like forever in Fedora)Josh Boyer1-0/+5
3 daysCVE-2014-5077 sctp: fix NULL ptr dereference (rhbz 1122982 1123696)Josh Boyer2-0/+221
4 daysLinux v3.16-rc7Josh Boyer6-116/+72