BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f16Fix local privilege escalation in MSR code (rhbz 908693 908706)Josh Boyer19 months
f17Fix wrong structure in iwlwifi dvm patchJosh Boyer14 months
f18Drop drm-i915-dp-stfu.patchJosh Boyer8 months
f19Fix NFSv3 ACL regression (rhbz 1132786)Josh Boyer33 hours
f20Fix NFSv3 ACL regression (rhbz 1132786)Josh Boyer33 hours
f21Fix NFSv3 ACL regression (rhbz 1132786)Josh Boyer33 hours
masterLinux v3.17-rc2-89-g59753a805499Josh Boyer15 hours
stabilizationBackport netfilter panic fix (rhbz 1015989)Josh Boyer9 weeks
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8Added the latest label NFS codeSteve Dickson18 months
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7Merge branch 'user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7' of ssh:// Dickson18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 hoursLinux v3.17-rc2-89-g59753a805499HEADmasterJosh Boyer55-55/+58
34 hoursFix NFSv3 ACL regression (rhbz 1132786)Josh Boyer2-0/+46
38 hoursLinux v3.17-rc2-42-gf1bd473f95e0Josh Boyer59-58/+59
3 daysDisable streams on via XHCI (rhbz 1132666)Josh Boyer2-0/+49
3 daysLinux v3.17-rc2-9-g68e370289c29Josh Boyer56-117/+122
4 daysMinor tegra updates due to incorrect nvidia kernel config optionsPeter Robinson3-4/+7
4 daysLinux v3.17-rc2Josh Boyer57-122/+135
4 daysfix date in changelogPeter Robinson1-1/+1
4 daysmake I2C=y on armv7-generic due to various modules needing it and not request...Peter Robinson1-0/+3
4 daysMinor generic ARMv7 updates, Build tegra on both LPAE and general ARMv7 kerne...Peter Robinson5-70/+86