BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f16Fix local privilege escalation in MSR code (rhbz 908693 908706)Josh Boyer21 months
f17Fix wrong structure in iwlwifi dvm patchJosh Boyer16 months
f18Drop drm-i915-dp-stfu.patchJosh Boyer10 months
f19linux v3.14.23Justin M. Forbes21 hours
f20Linux v3.16.7Justin M. Forbes21 hours
f21Linux v3.17.2Josh Boyer20 hours
masterLinux v3.18-rc2-106-ga7ca10f263d7Josh Boyer25 hours
stabilizationBackport netfilter panic fix (rhbz 1015989)Josh Boyer4 months
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8Added the latest label NFS codeSteve Dickson20 months
user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7Merge branch 'user/steved/f19-lnfs-v3.8-rc7' of ssh:// Dickson20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
25 hoursLinux v3.18-rc2-106-ga7ca10f263d7HEADmasterJosh Boyer4-82/+5
2 daysLinux v3.18-rc2-53-g9f76628da20fJosh Boyer2-2/+5
3 daysAdd quirk for rfkill on Yoga 3 machines (rhbz 1157327)Josh Boyer2-0/+42
3 daysLinux v3.18-rc2-43-gf7e87a44ef60Josh Boyer7-63/+319
4 daysLinux v3.18-rc2Josh Boyer5-66/+70
4 daysenable CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGER_CPU on ARMv7Peter Robinson1-0/+1
4 daysUpdate ARM config options, some minor cleanupsPeter Robinson9-34/+50
5 daysLinux v3.18-rc1-422-g2cc91884b6b3Josh Boyer18-1273/+10
7 daysBump baserelease for buildJosh Boyer1-1/+1
7 daysCVE-2014-3610 kvm: noncanonical MSR writes (rhbz 1144883 1156543)Josh Boyer14-1/+1276