BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f21Build final F21 kernelJosh Boyer20 months
f22CVE-2016-1237 missing check for permissions setting ACL (rhbz 1350845 1350847)Josh Boyer13 months
f23CVE-2016-9588 fix possible DoS in nVMX (rhbz 1404924 1404925)Justin M. Forbes7 months
f24Linux v4.11.11Laura Abbott3 days
f25Linux v4.11.11Laura Abbott3 days Alexeev8 months
f26Linux v4.11.11Laura Abbott3 days
masterLinux v4.13-rc1-72-gbeaec533fc27Laura Abbott10 hours
rawhide/user/hadess/surface3Disable debugBastien Nocera12 months
stabilizationRe-enable CONFIG_DEVPORT to match the other branchesLaura Abbott8 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hoursLinux v4.13-rc1-72-gbeaec533fc27HEADmasterLaura Abbott3-3/+6
30 hoursenable CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_CIK (rhbz 1472858)Laura Abbott21-21/+21
34 hoursLinux v4.13-rc1-59-g74cbd96bc2e0Laura Abbott3-3/+6
2 daysFix Raspberry Pi booting with LPAE kernelPeter Robinson2-0/+110
2 daysAdd QCom patch to fix USB on DragonboardPeter Robinson2-0/+97
2 daysAdd fix for Tegra GPU display with IOMMU, Add QCom IOMMU for Dragonboard displayPeter Robinson9-7/+2023
2 daysminor cleanup, drop some old optionsPeter Robinson23-65/+64
2 daysreenable CONFIG_DEVPORTLaura Abbott21-21/+21
2 daysLinux v4.13-rc1-24-gcb8c65ccff7fLaura Abbott3-2/+6
2 daysReenable debugging options.Laura Abbott1-1/+4