BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f17Fix wrong structure in iwlwifi dvm patchJosh Boyer3 years
f18Drop drm-i915-dp-stfu.patchJosh Boyer2 years
f19Linux v3.14.34Josh Boyer11 months
f20Backport btrfs fixes queued for stable (rhbz 1217191)Josh Boyer8 months
f21Build final F21 kernelJosh Boyer3 months
f22CVE-2016-0617 fix hugetlbfs inode.c issues (rhbz 1305803 1305804)Josh Boyer4 days
f23CVE-2016-0617 fix hugetlbfs inode.c issues (rhbz 1305803 1305804)Josh Boyer4 days
masterFix warning spew from vmware sockets (rhbz 1288684)Laura Abbott8 hours
rhbz_1205083Fix noisy iwlwifi warning (rhbz 1205083)Laura Abbott10 months
stabilizationTurn off W+X warnings (rhbz 1306885)Laura Abbott9 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursFix warning spew from vmware sockets (rhbz 1288684)HEADmasterLaura Abbott2-0/+176
11 hoursLinux v4.5-rc3-83-gc05235dJustin M. Forbes3-3/+6
34 hoursLinux v4.5-rc3-57-g721675fJustin M. Forbes4-3/+8
3 daysLinux v4.5-rc3-19-g7cf91adJustin M. Forbes3-3/+7
3 daysLet 'make prepare' succeed with kernel-develLaura Abbott1-1/+30
4 daysFix Power64 kernel buildPeter Robinson2-1/+109
4 daysLinux v4.5-rc3Justin M. Forbes7-189/+70
8 daysLinux v4.5-rc2-212-gdf48ab3Justin M. Forbes3-3/+6
9 daysaarch64: drop non upstreamable AMD A0 NIC as the HW has now been recalledPeter Robinson3-12227/+0
9 daysLinux v4.5-rc2-192-gb37a05cJustin M. Forbes3-3/+6