BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f21Build final F21 kernelJosh Boyer18 months
f22CVE-2016-1237 missing check for permissions setting ACL (rhbz 1350845 1350847)Josh Boyer11 months
f23CVE-2016-9588 fix possible DoS in nVMX (rhbz 1404924 1404925)Justin M. Forbes5 months
f24Fix CVE-2017-8890 CVE-2017-9074 CVE-2017-9075 CVE-2017-9076 CVE-2017-9077Justin M. Forbes5 days
f25Linux v4.11.3Laura Abbott41 hours Alexeev6 months
f26Linux v4.11.3Laura Abbott42 hours
masterLinux v4.12-rc2-223-ge2a9aa5Justin M. Forbes14 hours
rawhide/user/hadess/surface3Disable debugBastien Nocera10 months
stabilizationLinux v4.11.2Laura Abbott5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursLinux v4.12-rc2-223-ge2a9aa5HEADmasterJustin M. Forbes3-3/+6
3 daysLinux v4.12-rc2-62-g2426125Justin M. Forbes3-3/+6
3 daysPoint to the correct perf-man tarball so we can complete a buildJustin M. Forbes1-1/+1
3 dayssync perf-man-4.11.tar.gz checksum with stable branches so a 'fedpkg prep' do...Peter Robinson1-1/+1
3 daysVarious ARM updatesPeter Robinson74-444/+203
4 daysUpdate debuginfo generationLaura Abbott2-156/+19
4 daysLinux v4.12-rc2-49-gfde8e33Justin M. Forbes3-3/+8
5 daysLinux v4.12-rc2Justin M. Forbes20-309/+10
5 daysdrop arm64 mm numa fix patchPeter Robinson3-97/+0
8 daysLinux v4.12-rc1-154-g8b4822dJustin M. Forbes3-3/+6