BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f22CVE-2016-1237 missing check for permissions setting ACL (rhbz 1350845 1350847)Josh Boyer17 months
f23CVE-2016-9588 fix possible DoS in nVMX (rhbz 1404924 1404925)Justin M. Forbes11 months
f24Linux v4.11.12Laura Abbott4 months
f25Linux v4.13.15Jeremy Cline27 hours Alexeev12 months
f26Fix qxl cursor issues (rhbz 1507931)Justin M. Forbes26 hours
f27Fix qxl cursor issues (rhbz 1507931)Justin M. Forbes26 hours
masterConfig options for non debug kernelsJustin M. Forbes29 hours
rawhide/user/hadess/surface3Disable debugBastien Nocera16 months
stabilizationUpdate the AllWinner sun8i EMAC NIC driver to what landed upstreamPeter Robinson9 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
29 hoursConfig options for non debug kernelsHEADmasterJustin M. Forbes20-1/+21
32 hoursLinux v4.14-12995-g0c86a6bd85ffLaura Abbott3-3/+6
2 daysEnable driver for the Behringer BCD 2000 (rhbz 1514945)Laura Abbott19-19/+19
2 daysLinux v4.14-12891-gc8a0739b185dLaura Abbott32-113/+142
5 daysLinux v4.14-12375-g2dcd9c71c1ffLaura Abbott50-482/+421
6 daysFiltering really just gets too complicated. This is getting turned off.Laura Abbott2-2/+2
6 daysFilter out the adv7511 bridge driver since it depends on media stuffLaura Abbott1-1/+1
6 daysTurn of this option since it depends on the IR subsystemLaura Abbott19-19/+19
6 daysTurn off CONFIG_DRM_SIL_SII8620 since it has strange dependenciesLaura Abbott19-19/+19
6 daysLinux v4.14-9248-ge60e1ee60630Laura Abbott53-503/+359