BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f20Backport btrfs fixes queued for stable (rhbz 1217191)Josh Boyer16 months
f21Build final F21 kernelJosh Boyer10 months
f22CVE-2016-1237 missing check for permissions setting ACL (rhbz 1350845 1350847)Josh Boyer3 months
f23Linux v4.7.5Laura Abbott4 days
f24Linux v4.7.5Laura Abbott4 days
f25Linux v4.8-rc8-13-g53061afJustin M. Forbes25 hours
masterLinux v4.8-rc8-13-g53061afJustin M. Forbes25 hours
rawhide/user/hadess/surface3Disable debugBastien Nocera2 months
rhbz_1205083Fix noisy iwlwifi warning (rhbz 1205083)Laura Abbott17 months
stabilizationEnable Atmel i2c TPM on ARM platforms, Add upstream patch to fix boot on Jets...Peter Robinson7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
25 hoursLinux v4.8-rc8-13-g53061afHEADmasterf25Justin M. Forbes3-3/+6
48 hoursLinux v4.8-rc8-8-gae6dd8dJustin M. Forbes6-64/+69
4 daysEnable CONFIG_DEBUG_MODULE_RONX for arm targetsLaura Abbott2-1/+3
4 daysLinux v4.8-rc8Justin M. Forbes6-67/+70
5 daysUpdates to crash driver from Dave AndersonJosh Boyer2-0/+98
7 daysLinux v4.8-rc7-158-g78bbf15Justin M. Forbes3-3/+6
8 daysLinux v4.8-rc7-142-gb1f2bebJustin M. Forbes3-3/+6
9 daysLinux v4.8-rc7-42-g7d1e042Justin M. Forbes3-3/+6
10 daysLinux v4.8-rc7-37-gd2ffb01Justin M. Forbes6-64/+69
11 daysLinux v4.8-rc7Justin M. Forbes7-67/+115