BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f17pull up fix for kpasswd service ping-pong attackNalin Dahyabhai4 years
f19* Wed Dec 17 2014 Roland Mainz <> - 1.11.5-17Roland Mainz2 years
f20* Thu Mar 19 2015 Roland Mainz <> - 1.13.1-2Roland Mainz2 years
f21Patch CVE-2015-2698Robbie Harwood (frozencemetery)18 months
f22Fix incorrect recv() size calculation in libkradRobbie Harwood10 months
f23Use responder for non-preauth AS requestsRobbie Harwood8 months
f24Fix backward check in kprop.serviceRobbie Harwood7 months
f25Re-apply patches that got lostRobbie Harwood8 weeks
f26Add kprop service env config fileRobbie Harwood47 hours
masterAdd kprop service env config fileRobbie Harwood47 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.3.tar.gz  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.3.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-8.fc21.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-8.fc21.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-7.fc21.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-7.fc21.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-6.fc21.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-6.fc21.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.2.tar.gz  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.2.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-4.fc21.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-4.fc21.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.1.tar.gz  krb5-1.13-0.fc22.alpha1.1.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-3.fc21.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-3.fc21.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-3.fc22.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-3.fc22.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years  krb5-1.12.2-1.fc22.tar.gz  krb5-1.12.2-1.fc22.tar.xz  Nalin Dahyabhai3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
47 hoursAdd kprop service env config fileHEADmasterf26Robbie Harwood3-3/+11
11 daysUpdate backports of certauth and corresponding testRobbie Harwood6-47/+183
2017-04-13Include fixes for previous commitRobbie Harwood1-4/+10
2017-04-13Automatically add includedir where not presentRobbie Harwood1-8/+20
2017-04-07Fix use of enterprise principals with forwardingRobbie Harwood3-1/+93
2017-03-22Backport certauth plugin and related pkinit changesRobbie Harwood6-1/+2635
2017-03-07Remove duplication between subpackagesRobbie Harwood1-7/+7
2017-03-04New upstream release - 1.15.1Robbie Harwood19-222/+25
2017-03-01Patch build by disabling failing test; will fix properly soonRobbie Harwood2-1/+40
2017-02-17Hammer refresh around transient rawhide issueRobbie Harwood1-1/+4