BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
epel7Remove executable permission bits from pure-ftpd systemd unitRobert Scheck13 months
f18Migration to new systemd scriptlet macrosJaromir Capik4 years
f19- Rebuilt for Gilmore4 years
f20- Rebuilt for Gilmore3 years
f21- Wrong version of patch used in the previous commitJaromir Capik18 months
f22Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into f22Robert Scheck13 months
f23Remove executable permission bits from pure-ftpd systemd unitRobert Scheck13 months
f24- Rebuilt for Release Engineering12 months
f25Mandatory Perl build-requires added < Písař7 months
masterMandatory Perl build-requires added < Písař7 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_el5_1.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_el5_1.tar.xz  Lubomir Rintel7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_el6.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_el6.tar.xz  Dennis Gilmore7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc13.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc13.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc14.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc14.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  EL-6-split.tar.gz  EL-6-split.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  EL-6-start.tar.gz  EL-6-start.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc12.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-2_fc12.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc13.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc13.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc14.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc14.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc11.tar.gz  pure-ftpd-1_0_29-1_fc11.tar.xz  Aurelien Bompard7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-06-24Mandatory Perl build-requires added < Písař1-1/+1
2016-02-04- Rebuilt for Release Engineering1-1/+4
2015-12-23Remove executable permission bits from pure-ftpd systemd unitf23epel7Robert Scheck1-2/+5
2015-08-05- Making mysql/postgresql policies optional (#1249109)Jaromir Capik2-5/+12
2015-07-27- Updating to 1.0.42 (#1236253)Jaromir Capik4-17/+8
2015-06-18- Rebuilt for Gilmore1-1/+4
2015-06-15- Updating to 1.0.40 (#1231498)Jaromir Capik7-178/+14
2015-06-01- Updating to 1.0.39 (#1224479)Jaromir Capik3-2/+6
2015-02-27- gitignore as well (something failed during the source upload)Jaromir Capik1-0/+1
2015-02-27- sources tooJaromir Capik1-1/+1