BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/f18' into f17TASAKA Mamoru22 months
f18upload new-sourceMamoru TASAKA17 months
f19Remove useless exclude (rhbz#1065897).Vít Ondruch11 months
f20Update to Stribny4 days
f21Update to 2.1.6Josef Stribny4 days
f22Bump release because of gemsJosef Stribny4 days
masterBump release because of gemsJosef Stribny4 days
private-ruby-2.1Use revisions instead of tilde.Vít Ondruch12 months
private-ruby-2.2Fix symlink.Vít Ondruch3 months
private-ruby-2.3Upgrade to Ruby 2.3.0 (r50329).Vít Ondruch31 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  ruby-  ruby-  Mamoru Tasaka4 years  ruby-  ruby-  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-  ruby-  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-  ruby-  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-  ruby-  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-1_8_7_299-4_fc14.tar.gz  ruby-1_8_7_299-4_fc14.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc14.tar.gz  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc14.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc13.tar.gz  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc13.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc12.tar.gz  ruby-1_8_6_399-5_fc12.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years  ruby-1_8_6_399-4_fc13.tar.gz  ruby-1_8_6_399-4_fc13.tar.xz  Mamoru Tasaka5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysBump release because of gemsHEADmasterJosef Stribny1-1/+4
4 daysUpdate to Ruby 2.2.2Josef Stribny4-24/+11
2015-03-24Apply upstream fix to TestIO#test_seek tests.Vít Ondruch2-4/+162
2015-03-24Workaround issues with TestIO#test_seek.Vít Ondruch1-0/+4
2015-03-23Fix versions in SystemTap scripts (rhbz#1202232).Vít Ondruch1-4/+7
2015-03-11Clarify Rake's license.Vít Ondruch1-1/+1
2015-03-09License clarifications.Vít Ondruch1-4/+9
2015-03-04Enable some tests fixe in upstream.Vít Ondruch1-6/+0
2015-03-04Update to Ruby 2.2.1.Vít Ondruch3-3/+7
2015-02-21Rebuilt for Fedora 23 ChangeTill Maas1-1/+5